I may have a drastically different life than the one I had last year, but I’m still the same person at heart, still dependent on concrete goals to get anything accomplished.

So to that end, my goals for the weekend of October 15:

1. Clean the kitchen. (check! did that one yesterday. I just like knowing that it’s achieved already, so I’m documenting it here.)

2. Clean all the floors downstairs. My house has been a wreck for the last two months as all I have done is lie on the sofa watching whatever’s presented on the TV in front of me. Thus everything in my entire house is now coated with a fine layer of cat hair. This must end.

3. Make two apple crisps. Two weeks ago Melissa and Daniel visited (Lucas too!) and we went apple picking! I have more stayman apples than I know what to do with. Actually that’s not true: I know what to do with them: two apple crisps.

4. Nap. Apparently going without a nap does nothing to help me sleep through the night. I’m just going to go with it.

In other news, here’s proof that Steve and I completed our 2.5 mile wog this morning:

… I’m really not sure how much longer I’ll be able to squeeze into that shirt. Heh.

(By the way, as you can see those hideous bushes [and the weeds surrounding them] continue to plague me.)