My first stab at using this Malabrigo Lace yielded a less than desirable result (I don’t think the yarn is compatible with the pattern I was trying it with) so I started over with this instead! Funny, I’m experiencing deja vu … I guess I just can’t stay away.

Hopefully these won’t take me months upon months this time. I have a lot of ground to make up after the clapotis incident* – and a baby to knit for now! I do adore the yarn I’m working with this time, much more than I liked the koigu** I used for the clapotis and the above hand warmers, so hopefully I’m in luck. I mean, just look at it.

It’s gorgeous. And will match my hot pink scarf perfectly.

Other things I’m loving:
– the above pajama pants. Steve’s mom got me maternity jammies!
– Tums. I haven’t eaten Tums since I was a kid and thought of them as a tasty snack out of my parents’ medicine cabinet, but they’re really doing the trick for me now.
– the three-mile wog I did this morning – after a half-mile warmup, Steve and I ran most of a half-mile loop around the park near his parents’ house, with a brief walking break at the end of the loop. Steve went around five times and I did six. It was hard, but I think it was hard in an I’ve-lost-a-lot-more-fitness-than-I-thought way rather than a pregnancy-related way. I guess time will tell, though. Leah was able to run up to 20 weeks with Sophie, so I’m hoping I have another month or so to squeeze into my tech tees. Hopefully longer than that, but I’m not going to cling to that hope.

Something I’m not really loving: how I look these days in said tech tees:

It’s … not good. You can actually see the drawstring on my leggings – through my shirt. Heh.

* I had been making the clapotis for my mom. I finished it about a week before she passed away, and rather than hold onto it as a reminder of the fact that I never got to give it to her, I gave it to her best friend – a dear family friend who was with us the week my mom left us. I do wish I had finished the piece in time for my mom to be able to wear it, but I am really happy to know that it’s with her friend instead and can be an encouragement to her in her grief. It meant a lot to me to be able to give it to her, and I’m glad it happened this way.

** Of course, I just bought like three skeins of koigu to try my hand again at making socks. Redemption is mine!