Well, I am actually almost 16 weeks. But I thought I would take a minute to write an update on my pregnancy!

This is really the first week where I have felt much more like myself. I got over that random virus by Tuesday and have been back on my feet ever since. My main goal these last few weeks has been to get in two workouts and I managed that, going to yoga on Tuesday and running yesterday. I do want to get back to a more set workout routine, but so far the stars haven’t aligned. A big part of that reason is because I’m so out of the practice of working out in the morning. I hope at some point I can get back to that, but right now my main challenge is still dragging myself out of bed at the absolute last second in the morning, so evening workouts it is. Sigh.

This week, baby is the size of a navel orange! It’s hard to believe that he’s gotten so big so quickly. A navel orange seems huge!

Number of presents baby got this week: one! Aunt Leslie and cousin Abby bought baby his(?) first jammies this week. They also came with a matching onesie and little pants, and a little hat. Aren’t they so cute?

Number of presents mommy got this week: a bunch of useful and fun stuff! Steve’s mom got me maternity pajamas (much-needed, as I’ve been wondering whether I would have to wear Steve’s shirts to bed for the next six months) and a pregnancy journal, as well as a planner I can use to keep myself organized at home when I have a baby to maintain. Aunt Kate and cousin Rachel also got me a pretty silver necklace with a “due in April” charm. I can’t wait to wear it to my baby shower!

We also had a checkup at the doctor this week, where it was confirmed (again) that everything is going great. Our next appointment is in mid-November and our big ultrasound is in 6 more weeks!

It feels really good to get to this point in my pregnancy. I am almost 16 weeks now and feel firmly in my second trimester. After everything that we went through to get to this point, I feel incredibly blessed and happy to be this far along. I won’t feel completely at ease until I have my baby in my arms, but this is pretty good too.

Onward and upward. I think next week we’re an avocado!