Did you like my previous post about doing laundry? My life is so exciting these days. Get ready for more scintillating activity here at HUFFMANIA central.

Anyway (and this is really important stuff here, folks), I have had a hard time finding a design I like for this blog. I didn’t want it to look like my old one (since this blog is about my new life). Part of me wishes I knew enough about web design to make a really snazzy custom designer blog, but: I don’t, and I probably never will, so the wordpress themes are about all I have to play around with. I really like this one! I might keep it for a while.

Steve was in charge of Halloween tonight. I like candy, pumpkins, and costumes as much as you do, I’m sure, and next year I’ll dress our baby up in something ridiculous, but trick or treating is just not my thing. Something about it seems very awkward to me. Fortunately Steve enjoys it! He spent the evening answering the door over and over while I spent it eating chili with my feet up.

(In my defense, my back is really bothering me tonight. At 10 weeks pregnant I started feeling this weird low-back pain – it’s not muscle pain; I think it’s caused by loosening ligaments. It eased up for a few weeks [allowing me to start wogging again] but tonight just walking on the treadmill became really painful and I was sadly banished to the elliptical. Sigh. I hope it gets better.)

Anyway: I have some skittles to eat. And in the interest of being thematic:

Happy Halloween!