October is, at last, a distant memory. No more heartwarming commercials about how breast cancer is a great bonding experience, no more sanctimonious reminders that getting a mammogram will automatically protect you against finding a lump, and no more sugarcoating breast cancer treatment and assuming that treatment = “survival”. Can’t say I’m sorry.

I’m also glad that it’s November because this means there are only two months left in the year. I have been looking forward to 2012 literally since my birthday in January. Yes, I realize that I won’t wake up on January 1 to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows (probably), and nothing in my life will have changed, but to me there’s always something very special about the new year. This year, it will feel like shrugging off a heavy coat of Terrible Things That Have Happened and wrapping myself up in hope and healing.

I want to finish this awful year on a quiet, peaceful, restful note. So, I’m planning to spend the next two months reading, knitting, petting my kitties, cooking, doing yoga, exercising when I can, and resting in the company of my husband. After what 2011 has put me through, I figure it at least owes me that.