I did it!

I was actually up before the sun, pulling the covers over my head when my alarm (which I forgot to set to NPR!) beep-beep-beeped at me at 5:30. After getting out of bed three separate times to hit snooze I managed to turn the light on and get up. I was not at all feeling enthusiastic about being out of bed, but I knew I would not regret it.

Clearly this was a necessity. As an aside, I do still have caffeine – just my morning cup of coffee. (I generally don’t fill that enormous mug all the way, and I rarely finish all the coffee I do pour.) I know I will probably have to give it up at some point, likely when I start breastfeeding, but I don’t have to do it now. And it was a delicious post-workout “recovery” drink!

I was anxious to see how an elliptical workout would affect my back, and while I was sore when I was done (after half an hour of intervals), it’s been pretty manageable today. And I was also relieved to discover that while an elliptical workout didn’t make me as euphoric as a run would, it did boost my endorphins and enabled me to start my (short!) work week on a very good note, and in a very good mood. To me, that’s just as important as the calorie burn, sense of achievement, and improved fitness exercise also provides me.

So overall: success! I will definitely keep this up. In my mind I always build up The Morning Workout as something to be dreaded (that is, when it actually looms over me as a reality), but the thing I really dread is just those first few moments before I get out of bed. It’s not that bad – I promise! I just streamline my routine, pack everything in advance, and don’t stop to think. And by “not that bad”, I mean it’s so much better than waiting until the end of the day to work out – so it’s totally, 100% worth it. When I got home tonight, I could just put my feet up and pet my kitties instead of having to head over to the gym: a much better arrangement, I think.