Someone’s almost 30!

Ever since we found out our friends Selina and Rebecca were going to visit in November (so we could see Needtobreathe together), I started mentally planning Karen’s surprise 30th birthday party. She doesn’t turn 30 until next month, so a party 3 weeks early was sure to surprise her. We got Melissa on board and started scheming!

We told her that Chad and Leah desperately needed to use a Kohl’s coupon last Friday night and they needed her to babysit Evie for a little while. She bought the story, but not without asking, “Why can’t Chad pick out pants on his own?” Heh. In the meantime, Selina and Rebecca both assured Karen they were arriving Saturday morning, and Melissa sadly let her know she wouldn’t be able to come up for the weekend.

Leah, Melissa, Rebecca and Selina decorated on Friday evening before Karen arrived, and I showed up with chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! We also had party hats – very important.

We wore our hats “unicorn style” because wearing them under our chins eventually gave us angry red lines there. (We wore our hats for quite a while before Karen got there – we were excited.) When Karen showed up she added a hat to her ensemble as well – she was not, it must be said, dressed for company as she assumed she was heading over to babysit for half an hour! Fortunately, we don’t count as real company.

(Leah wasn’t quite ready for this picture.)

We spent the night eating pizza and cupcakes and catching up. We looked through our old high school yearbooks, reminisced about our adolescent angst, and ate more cupcakes. There was wine consumed as well, but I obviously abstained!

The rest of the weekend was equally relaxing and exciting. We spent the day lounging around talking and eating, and the evening at the Needtobreathe concert downtown. My back issues precluded me from being able to attend the concert meet-and-greet with the band that Leah, Selina and Rebecca went to (Melissa headed home on Saturday after lunch and Karen kept me company at Sweetfrog before the concert). I also wasn’t able to stand up at the front of the theater near the stage because I would have been on my feet all night, so Karen and I found nosebleed seats instead – which enabled me to stay for the whole thing! Here’s what we missed:

Look! They met the band! How cool is that.

Going to the meet-and-greet meant they got to the concert really early. Nice!

The concert was really great (I even got a t-shirt!) and the band put on a great show. I really love their music so seeing them live was a lot of fun – even if Karen and I had to see them from far away. Hopefully next time they come, Steve can stay home with the baby and I can see them up close!