It was a very busy weekend.

I started it by attending a hatha yoga class on Friday afternoon – the first time I’ve tried to adapt a traditional yoga class to accommodate my increasingly gigantic belly! It went really well and the class was just what I wanted. I’ve found that really hard, challenging cardio workouts aren’t really my thing anymore, which disappoints me (I’m trying to be an elliptical believer, I really am), but fortunately my yoga practice hasn’t really been affected by my pregnancy. There were only a few poses I had to modify or flat-out couldn’t do (boat being one of them, obviously), and as a bonus I got to do my beloved pigeon pose while everyone else was doing a similar stretch lying on their backs. I would really like to visit this class every week and am hoping I’ll be able to fit it into my schedule going forward!

Onward: Saturday was a busy day as I accomplished #1 on my weekend to-do list: cleaning and organizing the living and dining rooms. It felt so good! I wouldn’t say we’re 100% of the way there (particularly because our big Christmas decorations bins are in the middle of the dining room) but we’ve gotten a lot more organized and I’m so happy about that. (I even dusted, and just as an FYI, a Swiffer 360 makes dusting SO MUCH EASIER than using a rag and a can of Pledge. I just wanted to throw that out there.)

That afternoon after Steve strung the lights outside and I mopped the kitchen floors, my dad came down so we could get our Christmas trees together.

Which one to choose?

Here’s my dad and me by the tree Steve and I chose. See how my turkey’s done? Heh.

Sunday we all headed up to Warrenton to decorate with my dad. We dragged up the many, many boxes of holiday decor and got to work! Here’s the finished tree:

We have a much-loved mix of ornaments – some hand-knitted by my multi-talented Oma, some clumsy craft projects from our Sunday School days, a series of White House ornaments, and some that we collected over the years from our church in Connecticut. In this picture the sun is pouring into the room which doesn’t make for excellent photography, but I think it makes the tree look a bit angelic. Let’s pretend it’s because of the angel topper.

A few weeks ago I was really, honestly wishing we had all arranged to go to the Caribbean for Christmas, and while my holiday spirit this year is a bit muted, decorating the tree was really nice. Just like at Thanksgiving, it was different, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was particularly painful, which was what I had been fearing. I’m hopeful that this Advent season will be restorative and healing. Even if I do still wish we were Hawaii-bound.

Here’s a gratuitous picture of Evie.

We spent the rest of the afternoon taste-testing combinations of chocolate-peppermint cupcakes! The winner was chocolate cupcakes with homemade peppermint frosting (the pink); the loser was chocolate cupcakes with canned peppermint frosting (the white). Other combinations included chocolate-peppermint cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate-peppermint cupcakes with both kinds of peppermint frosting. (Those were made by adding peppermint extract to the cake batter.) It reminded us all of wedding cake tasting! I was trying out different combinations in preparations for a Christmas party Leah and Martha are throwing on Saturday.

I wish I had taken a winning cupcake home. Instead, we left them in Warrenton so my grandmother can enjoy one on her 90th birthday on Thursday – we took her some balloons and flowers to the hospital yesterday as she’s been feeling poorly.

The last thing I accomplished over the weekend was, of course, this:

Petting Buddington! As you can see I am wearing the hand warmers. I finished them – yay! So warm and cozy. My hands were so pleased when I drove to work this morning. (And as you can see, I let B and T play with an almost-finished ball of yarn on Saturday night. Well done, kitties. The string is all over the living room, dining room, and even into the kitchen.)

Tonight Steve and I have a lot of ornaments to hang on the tree. I think Charlie Brown Christmas is on – perfect!