A brief list of things that are really doing it for me these days.

  • cottage cheese + mandarin oranges. Leah introduced me to cottage cheese last month at our women’s retreat. I had had it a few times in the past, and like goat cheese did a few years ago, it’s growing on me. It’s got a ton of protein and this week has been the perfect afternoon snack. I still think this is really weird with every bite, but it’s a good weird.
  • along those lines: protein, just in general. Protein is my jam right now.
  • yoga, but you already know this. This week’s prenatal class was taught by a sub. I think the prenatal class is very beginner- or non-yogi-friendly, so it’s accessible to all pregnant women rather than just pregnant women who have been practicing yoga. Usually we spend the first 20+ minutes of class checking in, but this week we got to jump right into practice. It was a nice change of pace and a good, challenging class. I know this turned a few girls off (and there was one new girl who had never practiced yoga before! we encouraged her to come back next week and not to be scared) but I loved it. Like I said yesterday, intense cardio workouts really don’t feel great to me anymore, but yoga feels amazing, so I see myself transitioning more and more into a full-time yoga practice for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m still doing the elliptical a few times a week, but let’s face it: to me, yoga is a much more satisfying workout. As I’ve had the space to focus on it more, I’m becoming more and more interested in learning more about the practice and deepening my understanding of it. I don’t know how realistic this is, but I’m hoping to be able to take classes at a studio next year post-baby. (This is probably a pipe dream.)
  • Christmas shopping. I can’t stop. I love buying gifts for people! Thanks, amazon.com, for making it so easy for me to spend money.
  • all these kicks and rolls I’m feeling these days. The other night I felt the baby roll from one side of my belly to the other. It was so neat. Baby is moving more – and more strongly – and I just love it.
  • and speaking of baby – our big ultrasound is on Friday! It’s finally here! Just 2.5 days away! They said boy at our 13-week ultrasound, and on Friday we’ll find out whether the prediction is true. I can’t wait to see our little pugilist in action.

Get those dancing feet ready, baby!

  • the fact that for whatever reason – the osteopath, yoga, sitting on an exercise ball, an increasing inability to cross my legs, magic, the phases of the moon – my SI joint pain is all but gone. Just like that. It’s glorious. I’m not brave enough yet to try walking for exercise, but for now being able to walk up and down the Downtown Mall to buy my pad thai – pain-free! – is enough for me.

Life is good these days. Let’s keep it that way.