After months and months of waiting …

Weeks and weeks of anticipation …

Today was our big ultrasound!! and it’s a …

BOY!!! The OB’s early prediction was correct. This is the first boy born into my family since my brother’s birth 33 years ago — since then, my parents have had three girls and four granddaughters. I think my mom would have flipped her lid to have a boy to shop for, but now that’s why he’s got doting aunties! Our boy will certainly be able to relate to my brother, who grew up surrounded by girls.

The appointment went great. Everything looks fine so far, and the baby weighs in at 1 lb. 3 oz. I have no idea how they can measure these things. Heartbeat was 152. Baby moved around some but settled into a head-down position showing his back to us. We tried to get a full-on 3d picture of his face, but he wasn’t having any of that.

Here’s his spine and ribs.

Giving us the finger guns

No pictures please!

It was really an amazing experience to get to see our little boy up close. We saw two bones in each arm, two feet, two hands, his little stomach and kidneys, his brain, and his four-chambered heart. I will go back for another ultrasound in 6-8 weeks to check on baby’s thyroid. The doctors don’t believe that my current dose of thyroid medication will have any effect on baby, but it’s always better to be sure — which is fine with me because it means another glimpse at my boy!

Apart from that excitement, I am feeling pretty good this week. I still tire easily (I’m exhausted this afternoon after this morning’s appointment, followed by brunch and a trip to Target so baby’s Poppy [my dad] could buy him some clothes) but I’ve made it to two yoga classes and hopped on the elliptical once. I plan to go to yoga again tomorrow morning, but I will say it’s a bit humbling/frustrating to not be able to do everything everyone else can. I’m working on having a better attitude about it, though. I just wish there was another prenatal class I could take instead of having to do it at home by myself. If I could do one class with our regular prenatal instructor and one with this week’s sub, I’d be a happy mommy!

Like I said the other day, my SI joint pain is greatly improved, and I’m so relieved. I still have to respect my limits, but I no longer feel like a screwdriver is tightening my sacrum with every step. And my doctor, I’m sure, will be equally relieved that my weight gain has slowed down a lot too. And I’m glad too! I didn’t really have to change much, just cut out the Oreos and get back to my regular workout schedule, which makes me think that maybe my body just … front-loaded a bunch of the weight gain. (Or not. I’ve still got time to pack on the pounds.)

Please make sure to focus on mommy + baby and not our empty Christmas-shopping boxes strewn around the floor.

Family of three! Oh man now we need to think of a name for this boy …

And as for the belly? It’s bigger every day:

Oh my.