Ever since I emerged from the first-trimester fog I’ve been thinking idly about what hand knits to make for the baby. After perusing Ravelry and Purl Bee, considering what the baby will need and what I will want to make him (no fussy cable knit baby sweaters for me, thanks), I’ve decided on a few items. Today I went to the Needle Lady downtown (fun fact: I worked there for a few months) to pick up some supplies. Here’s what I’m making with my stash!

I especially love the colorway in the front – it’s called “collards and grits”, something our Southern-born son will probably never eat in this house! Ha.

With this sock yarn I am making two patterns from Purl Bee: the baby legwarmers and the heirloom hat for newborns. I really enjoy knitting for babies (see: all the bamboo baby hats I’ve made in the last year) so I can’t wait to get started on making some things for my little boy — and, while I’m at it, for the little boys my other due-this-spring friends are having. (There are three of us due within a month and we are all having boys! So exciting.)

Of course, I forgot to check the leg warmers pattern before I went shopping so I mistakenly bought sock yarn instead of the heavier dk weight the pattern calls for — but I can always do some trial-and-error to get a gauge close enough to what I’m looking for. The pattern is simple enough that I think it will be able to withstand a number of modifications easily so hopefully it won’t be more of an effort than my pregnancy-addled brain can manage. I can just see him wearing a pair home from the hospital with the tiny little dino onesie we got him on Friday!

A while back I also got some cotton to make a log cabin baby blanket (here’s an example of log cabin knitting).

(There’s a lot more of these upstairs.)

I could have easily bought three times as much yarn as I did today — I love yarn shopping and always leave feeling so inspired, which is probably why my yarn stash is so much bigger than my needles can manage. I doubt I will ever get to a point where I’ve knitted all the way through my yarn supply. But that’s fine with me! There will always be something new to knit — and a reason to knit it.

Since I finished the hand warmers last week I’ve started on a new pair in pale blue. I’m trying to knit these much faster than the pink ones so I can get started on some of these baby knits! Baby knitting is ideal knitting in general because a) it’s miniature and therefore automatically cute, and b) it’s a quick knit, and as a small-projects knitter I love small, quick knits. I can’t wait to get started!