So for no real reason, it’s been a tiring week in more ways than one. I have felt really worn out — longing for the proverbial tropical vacation, only I want the tropical vacation to last forever.


Sadly, I have no long weekend in Hawaii planned, so it’s probably best if I try and keep myself motivated and engaged in the life I’m actually living. I’ll start small.

  • Get up on time. This has been a huge struggle for me in the last week or so — partly because I’m more tired in the morning these days, but partly also because of bad habit. I only have three work days next week, so my first goal is to start my day off right by simply getting out of bed when I’m supposed to, instead of having to rush around late every morning. (I’m going to start by going to bed a little earlier, to start with. And by that I mean turning the light off earlier, not sitting in bed reading!)

Me too, Toothpaste for Dinner. Me too.

  • Knit every day. I have a lot of knitting to accomplish in the coming months and if I want to get everything done in time to start a pair of socks, I can’t just let my knitting bag sit there on the coffee table and expect it all to finish itself. Note that I am not requiring myself to meet any kind of time quota — I just need to make sure I’m working on my projects, little by little. They’re all pretty small, so a little investment usually yields delightfully big results. And an added bonus here is that increased knitting time = decreased screen time.

  • Practice yoga at least three times next week. During this unfocused week, my yoga classes were some of the few times I actually felt present. So in addition to it being good for my body, it’s equally good for my mind and spirit. With travel coming up this week, my tentative plan is to attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday and practice at home at least once, whether it’s here or up in Warrenton.

Note that two out of three of my small ambitions are things I actually like doing! They are not only things I enjoy, but they’re also things that keep me grounded and focused, and right now that is what I need. I haven’t spent too much time trying to identify the whys of my mental fog (because I think it’s probably obvious); it is what it is, and what I want to do is (hopefully) break out of it in time to enjoy some peppermint bark and cardamom rolls next week.

Does anyone else use small goals like these to stay on track? When you feel detached, how do you reattach yourself? Mental fatigue is hard for me to break out of — any advice?