*I actually hate that song, but let’s move on.

Christmas is here!

Steve and I are currently camped out at my dad’s house, drinking coffee and wrapping presents. I had the job of affixing bows to all those presents and I’m still not done!

We’re also busy menu planning and scheduling out the next three days of festivities. Among many other things, the agenda includes roast chicken (this week’s random craving — perfect timing!), watching the Muppet Christmas Carol, baking, church, and of course cardamom rolls. We have had cardamom rolls on Christmas every year for as long as I’ve been alive, with the exception of last year when the dough never rose — twice. Maybe it was a bad omen, but at any rate, this year victory will be ours. We are ending this year right!

Baby is also celebrating his in-utero Christmas via all the eggnog and peppermint bark I’ve been enjoying:

I’ll have to reign it in before my next weigh-in in January. Heh.

(For comparison, here I am at 14 weeks. 10 weeks changes a lot — what will I look like at 34 weeks?? Eek!)

In other baby news, we’re about 90% decided on his name. We are waiting a while still before taking the plunge and formally saddling him with anything, so for now he’s still just “baby”.

Steve also took the opportunity yesterday to shave the beard he’s been growing since Thanksgiving. Here’s how he looks today:

As you can see, mustaches are serious business. Last night he put his glasses on and threw one of my scarves around his neck in his best impression of a hipster. All he needed was a coffee cup from Mudhouse* and he would have been all set!

It feels so good to be ready for Christmas. I tried my best to meet my three goals for this week, and while I have succeeded so far at knitting and yoga, I totally failed at getting up on time. Sigh. I guess there’s always next week … I feel like I’ve come out of the mental fog a lot, but I need to figure out how I should manage being a responsible and productive citizen with my current low energy levels. But at least I’ve got a nice long weekend to not worry about it!

And now I must go: I have more bows to attach, and some yoga to do. Merry Christmas!

*Pretentious, overrated Charlottesville coffee shop