I really love the day after Christmas.

I have new slippers to wear, chocolate to eat, and lounging to do.

I also got a new camera for Christmas this year! Steve and I decided to upgrade in advance of our baby’s arrival — so we’re fully prepared to expertly document his every move.

Requisite self-portrait with new camera

It took us hours to open all our gifts. We didn’t skimp on presents this year — maybe making up for the long and sad year, but it was a lot of fun.

Sophie and Evie enjoyed watching The Grinch as they woke up from their afternoon naps:

As you can see, they are sitting in each other’s new plush chairs. They (and the kitties) love them!

Most of our day was taken up with playing with our new gadgets, eating cardamom rolls, putting together a no-fuss Christmas dinner, and (for me, anyway) not even glancing at my computer. We had a roast in the crock pot (chuck roast + Guinness), mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and parsnips, squash, and salad. Crock pots are the way to go on Christmas! Dessert was cookies, eggnog pound cake, and pecan pie — and no, I did not make any of the above! I meant to make another apple cranberry pie but a look around the kitchen on Christmas Eve told me that I really, really didn’t need to. I was glad, too — it’s hard for me to be on my feet much these days. Pregnancy takes a lot out of me it seems.

Other highlights of the weekend include practicing yoga with Sophie (not the most restful yoga I’ve ever done, but definitely the most fun!), catching parts of A Christmas Story (AND The Sound of Music) on TV, and receiving a diaper bag from Steve’s parents. I am very excited about the diaper bag — now I just need a baby to stash inside it.

We came home last night, Teaker in tow — only to realize two thirds of the way through the trip that we left his insulin behind. It was not very Christmasy. So we went back up this morning to retrieve it from the empty house. (My dad was on the road to my brother’s house before six this morning!) Fortunately, we had a Harry Potter book to keep us company during the drive! We stopped for lunch on the way home, and now we are lounging. I really love the week after Christmas — time to recharge for the new year. This is a week I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.

(Yes … Steve still has the mustache!)