Do I have any fellow knitters reading my blog? If you’re out there, say hi and help me to feel less alone! If not, well, today you’re going to hear a little more about yarn. Whee!

Steve and I were talking the other day about all of my upcoming projects. I have this idea in my head that I need to finish all of the projects on my list before March 20 (when I’m full term) because I will never have the opportunity to knit again. So that’s given me a lot of pressure to get to work — and between actual work, and the excess sleeping I’m doing these days, and yoga and cooking and blogging and not taking down the Christmas tree, I haven’t had as much time to knit as I kind of was hoping I would. — Although, I think this is true in most areas in my life; maybe that’s why I always feel like I’m running late.

Knitting is supposed to be a relaxing, meditative practice and a fun creative outlet, and I have to get past this idea that I’ll never be able to knit again once the baby is born. Steve pointed out (and I agree) that I probably won’t get to it that much for the first, I don’t know, little while? and that time-intensive projects that require a lot of focus might not be realistic for a period, but I will get to continue knitting after I become a mother. (Moms, reassure me here.) So despite the pressure of my arbitrary deadline, I have actually added a few projects to the list — for myself!

The first is a hat that I first made about two years ago as a chemo hat for my mom. Here I am modeling it before I gave it to her:

It’s a nice change of pace from my usual very basic hat pattern, and I will be knitting it up in a rich purple, although now that I think about it, purple doesn’t really go with my winter coat. Heh.

And speaking of time-intensive projects that require a lot of focus, the other thing I want to make is a shawl called citron.


This is a pattern that, like the clapotis, was really popular around Ravelry a few years ago. Take a look at it here. What is this compulsion I have to start long-term, intricate projects that require a lot of attention to detail? I guess I am like a magpie and these are my irresistible shiny objects. Maybe it’s the challenge the intricate pattern requires — or maybe, after a few months’ retreat into hats and hand warmers, I’m ready for something a little more impressive. Or perhaps (and as is most likely) I’ve just forgotten all the things I didn’t like about knitting the clapotis, and I find myself thinking, oh it won’t be so bad! It’ll be fun! At any rate, right now I have the recommended yarn in a deep green, but I’ll need to pick up an extra skein if I want to use it for this. Too bad. Too, too bad.

I think I will have no choice but to abandon my idea of finishing my whole to-knit list by the time the baby gets here. In my opinion, as long as he has a pair of legwarmers ready to go, and I’ve started a blanket, and Leah gets a pair of hand warmers by the time spring arrives, I’ll consider it all a success. If I finish that hat in time to keep my head warm, that’ll be a bonus. I have the rest of my days to play around with yarn — why make it more of a chore than I need to?