• I’m pretty sure any strength I’m building doing yoga is quickly being negated by the weight I’m gaining. I know my legs and hips are getting stronger but camper’s pose is not getting any easier! I can’t wait to do yoga post-baby just to see how different it feels to work out without all this extra weight affixed to my abdomen. At least I’m getting super strong?
  • I’m making excellent progress here, don’t you think?

As you can see we are on the other side of the gusset, so very soon I should be able to finish the main part and (again) tackle picking up the stitches on the thumb. Hopefully it will go more smoothly on this one than it did on blue hand warmer #1.

My joins still aren’t perfect either!

But practice makes progress, right? Onward! Next up are Leah’s hand warmers — this pattern from Purl Bee, in this yarn — I have one skein left. Perfect!