One of the many good things about working where I do is that we observe a peculiar Virginia holiday called “Lee Jackson Day”. (The not-so-good thing about it is that it was originally Virginia’s answer to Martin Luther King Day. Heh.) Anyway, it’s afforded me a four-day weekend! Like last year, Steve and I are taking advantage by spending some time in Pennsylvania with his family. We were last here in October, when I looked like this:

Suffice it to say, I am quite a bit bigger now! It’s crazy to think that the next time we come up, we’ll have a tiny baby in tow.

This morning we had my 28-week prenatal appointment — the first in a series of every-two-week appointments. I also had my glucose tolerance test, which meant drinking a weird, sweet beverage that reminded me of thickened, flat orange soda. I had heard horror stories about the test but the drink didn’t bother me at all. We were hoping to have time to venture into Babies R Us (we have to register next weekend — I’m scared) during the hour-long break, but it worked out that with the appointment schedule we had about 30 minutes to wait in the office. And that gave me time to bind off the top of Karen’s hand warmer! Now I just need to brace myself to knit the thumb.

Like I said above, we also went up to Pennsylvania this weekend last year. This has brought up a lot of memories for me — I still think about it a lot, but the anniversary of my second miscarriage is coming up soon. On Monday I will be thinking about last year’s Monday, and on my 32nd birthday I will remember how I spent my 31st. It’s going to be strange and, I think, a little hard — having this babe in my belly now doesn’t erase the memory of the babe that we lost.

At any rate, I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend of knitting, reading, and family time. We come home on Monday, and Tuesday is my birthday! After that, well, I think I will be ready for spring.