I spent a lot of time in the last year thinking about and looking forward to my 32nd birthday. With the mellowed perspective of time, I can now safely say with no exaggeration that my 31st birthday was the most traumatic day of my life, and I was determined to “reclaim” my birthday by making my 32nd a relaxing and happy one. I succeeded!

I started my day having breakfast with Karen at the Bluegrass Grill (I’m obsessed with the bacon). While I was there I ran into my friend Rachel, who shares my birthday and was also starting her day off right! At any rate, sufficiently loaded with eggs, bacon, biscuit, strawberries and grapefruit juice (I was not messing around) I headed off to spend my morning at the Boar’s Head Spa.

We’ve been here before!

I did not spend my prenatal massage and replenishing facial thinking about grief the way I did last time, though. I enjoyed two full hours of indulgence, feeling the baby move and wiggle around (practicing his forehand and backhand, Steve says). My thoughts strayed back to where I was a year ago, and I kept wishing I could sit myself down and warn myself about everything to come in the next year. I think my 31st-birthday self would have been glad, in a way, to know that on my 32nd birthday I would be 28 weeks along and looking very pregnant.

Buddy wanted to get in the picture too.

Feeling very pampered and relaxed, I headed home for lunch with my friend Jill and her cute boy Wesley!

Look at him!! I can’t stand it. He’s so cute.

Jill gave me some nursery advice and we went out for the world’s slowest walk. I have been really encouraged that my back has felt much better in the last few weeks, but man am I slowing down. At least we got out there! And I got practice walking with a stroller and carrying a car seat. I am going to have some strong arms!

I finished out the day by going out for dinner with Steve (at the Melting Pot, where we go every year). For my birthday he got me this beautiful pearl ring:

I decided quite a while ago that I wanted to get myself a nice piece of jewelry for this birthday and took a long time deciding on what I wanted. I absolutely love my ring and to me, it symbolizes what I hope will be a wonderful year of jubilee.

The nice thing about yesterday was that while I had looked forward to it for a long time and built it up in my head as a huge, special event, in the end it really was just a nice, ordinary day. What a nice way to start a new year.