Steve and I woke up to this:

But fortunately we weren’t stranded at home; we were up in Warrenton at my dad’s!

Those squares on the right are his raised bed gardens. (They’re consistently much more successful than mine ever have been.)

We drove up last night in part due to the threat of nasty weather overnight, since we had grand plans today to go to Ikea! (It’s closer to his house than ours, and we also needed to borrow his truck.) As baby day draws ever closer, we have a long list of things to accomplish, and one of those things was buying some shelving and organizational tools for the nursery.

While we were there we also picked up some new curtains for our bedroom and some other odds and ends. I love shopping there — it’s so hard to leave without a whole collection of random items from the marketplace area at the end! Several times as we walked through I became convinced that we needed that white pitcher or that red vase and that that lamp would look perfect somewhere in our house.

Am I right??

Anyway, now that we’ve accomplished something concrete and nursery-related, tomorrow awaits the dreaded task of moving the sofa and giant old TV from our spare room so we can formally begin Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Eek! I’m really excited to see it all come together.

Today also saw another accomplishment:

Like I say after almost every finished project: my new favorite knit.