Steve and I have a very busy week ahead of us — registering at Babies R Us (eeeeeek) and our first childbirth class are coming up! Along with my usual Tuesday prenatal yoga class, and dinner with the fam on Wednesday, this means that for the next four nights I’ll be out of the house. Considering that I spent the afternoon on the couch today following yesterday’s trek to Ikea, I have my work cut out for me.

But I suppose this busy week comes at an important time: I’ve found myself slipping backwards a bit on both my three small ambitions, as well as my ongoing battle against clutter. A very structured few days could either be just what I need to knock me back into shape, or it could further enable my downward spiral into slovenliness. I am planning on it being the former.

So in light of my low energy and mental fog, what I’m aiming for this week is pretty simple: Contain the clutter. Knit some every day. Go to bed on time in order to get up on time. Practice yoga. Eat really, really well. Then when I come up for air on Friday, hopefully I’ll be looking back on a productive week rather than wondering to myself, what just happened here?

I’ll be keeping my eyes on my ultimate goals:

More lovely completed projects.

A calm and serene living space.

A calm and serene mind and spirit.

I should post these pictures on my fridge like I’m a dieter looking for inspiration. Heh.

Wish me luck!