I’m having a delightful weekend: it started with a deliciously indulgent dinner at Five Guys. Steve and I keep saying we should go out for dinner while we still can, but we keep going places that offer carryout so it’s not like we’re crossing things off our pre-baby bucket list here. Ha. Still, it was so good — brought me back to my first trimester. Mmm.

I’m also feeling very encouraged because after yoga last night, I was wondering to myself if it might be time to take my practice down another notch by attending the Saturday morning intro class rather than the multi-level one. But I visited the multi-level class this morning just to see how comfortable it would be — and with a lot of modifications and props, I’m still doing great! It’s so nice. I’ve come a long way since I first started incorporating non-prenatal yoga classes into my practice and my attitude has changed SO much. It’s not about what I can’t do anymore; it’s about what I can do, and it’s so refreshing and energizing. I feel like I just got a massage!

I’m modifying this pose now — and I no longer see that as a negative. (source)

One thing that’s been starting to bring me down lately is that I’ve been realizing how much time I spend online. My job involves a lot of computer busywork, so I spend 40 hours a week sitting at a desk (more or less), and then when I get home I just lazily reach for the computer to mindlessly surf the web. I’ve started to notice how much time I spend just filling up the hours with nothingness, and so I’ve decided to make more of a conscious effort to spend much less time online. So far I’ve been able to get a lot more done than I think I normally would, just by not making zoning out in front of the computer an option. We have a lot to take care of these days, so I’ll need to keep it up!

Have a happy Saturday, friends!