The further I get in my pregnancy, the further away I get from my old life. It’s weird sometimes (OK, most of the time) to know that I can never go back — sometimes I think that being pregnant is just a new and temporary adventure. And yeah, I won’t be pregnant forever, but once I’m not pregnant my life will be even further removed from the good old days of wine tastings with friends, spontaneous shopping trips, sleeping until whenever I feel like getting up, or even getting up and going to work!

No more mai tais with lunch, huh.

Of course, having to say goodbye to those things is a much more introspective process and a different sort of experience than the day-to-day differences between pre-pregnancy and now. There are a lot of things I miss from when I had my body all to myself!

  • For one thing, I miss being able to reach the floor from a seated position. If I drop my napkin, it’s really awkward to try and pick it up.
  • Speaking of awkwardness: I miss being able to get in and out of bed with a little more grace and ease.
  • I miss running, duh.
  • I miss having a clear head! Pregnancy — or maybe it’s fatigue or just laziness — has turned my brain into mush.
  • I miss shoulder stand, bow pose, spinal twists, and side plank.
  • I miss you, cabernet. You’ve been gone too long.
  • Same goes for you, champagne. Come back to me soon.

Obviously, these are pretty small potatoes. These are all things I will get back once I have the baby, and while it can be really inconvenient to walk around feeling like you have a giant beach ball affixed to your abdomen, I feel like I’m adjusting to these mild indignities much better now than I did a few months ago. Sure, it would be nice to be able to easily get off the couch without enlisting the aid of my husband, and yes, I gaze wistfully at all the runners I see out while I’m driving to and from work.


But as annoying as some of these lovely pregnancy symptoms can be, and as much as I miss the capabilities of my pre-pregnant body, and even as hard as it was to adjust to being pregnant, I can’t forget what it was like before. It’s easy to overlook the blessings of pregnancy when I’m focused on my physical limitations or on what I can’t have — and pregnancy certainly isn’t always sunshine, rainbows and daisies — but when I think about not being pregnant? Well, I don’t miss that at all.

Come and see us soon, little baby. Mommy really does miss being able to reach her feet.