Today is a special day in the house of Huffman, but you’d probably never know it from the way I am sacked out on the couch in my maternity yoga pants, or from the way Steve is upstairs painting the ceiling of our future guest room, or from the fact that we are having leftovers for dinner tonight.

But today is the three-year anniversary of our engagement!

I don’t think that Steve and I have a particularly outlandish how-we-met story (through mutual friends at church — we were in the same Sunday school class, awww!), but it is very special to me. We started dating in early January 2008, thanks both to my friend Jill’s crafty suggestion that we invite Steve to a football-watching party at her house, and to the fact that Steve didn’t let his nerves get the best of him when he decided he wanted to take me out for dinner. I still remember that I was watching Jeopardy when he called — and how excited I was to hear from him!

Over that year, we quickly went from friendly acquaintances, to a casual dating relationship, to spending every evening together just eating dinner, watching TV, and running errands. I never wanted anything casual — by the time Steve and I met I was ready to settle down, and personally I knew very early into our relationship that he was the man I wanted to marry. All I wanted was to feel like I was home, and with him, I always did.

Look how young and innocent we look.

We started talking about getting married toward the end of 2008. Admittedly, I was kind of hoping he would propose on my 29th birthday in January 2009, but instead he asked me the following day what kind of ring I wanted. He was relieved when I said I wasn’t opposed to going ring shopping together!

The real wait began after I knew he had retrieved my ring from the jeweler and that he had gone up to my parents’ house for dinner on a random Tuesday evening (70 miles both ways). It was really hard to not be impatient! But one Saturday not long afterwards — three years ago today — we spent the morning house hunting and then, after we viewed what must have been our twentieth house, Steve announced that he had an excursion planned for the afternoon. Was this it??

As it was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day, we drove out to Skyline Drive to enjoy the sunshine. We stopped at a few scenic overlooks:

… and then he popped the question! With tears in my eyes I just shouted YES! and jumped into his arms.

The next seven months were a blur — house buying, wedding planning, two moves, preparing for marriage — but it all culminated here:

Another one of the happiest days of my life!

In the last three years Steve and I have weathered a lot of ups and downs, but this quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne on his marriage has always held true:

We are as happy as people can be, without making themselves ridiculous, and might be even happier; but, as a matter of taste, we choose to stop short at this point.

But enough mushy love stuff. I have some leftovers to eat.