Friday is upon us! To be perfectly honest, this week was a little rough — overall I was tired and uncomfortable, unproductive and unmotivated, and another era in my family’s history came to a close.

But we’re choosing joy here, so there were some highs this week as well. Let’s start there!

First, at 31.5 weeks I’m still able to do regular yoga! Every week I attend the multi-level hatha yoga class wondering if this is it. Will I be able to keep up my practice much longer without having to stick to super-easy prenatal flows? But one thing I discovered yesterday is that I actually physically feel my best when I’m practicing yoga. Walking doesn’t feel good, lying down gets uncomfortable, sitting makes my ribs hurt — but downward dog always feels great. My instructor, a new mom herself, even complimented my endurance and said she wasn’t able to tolerate much yoga when she was pregnant. It goes to show that everyone is different, and made me feel a little better about feeling so uncomfortable with simple walking.

Next, this gingered applesauce cake with dark chocolate just came out of the oven.

I made it with the last of the last jar of applesauce that my friend Sarah and I canned a thousand years ago. (And yes, today’s baking adventure started just the way that canning adventure did — by cleaning the kitchen. Sigh.)

I didn’t pay enough attention to the recipe, though, and discovered too late that I had added a full cup of yogurt instead of half a cup. Oops. But they’re out of the oven now and hopefully I won’t pay too dearly for my inattention.

The aroma is tormenting me. Yum.

Another good thing about this week is that I finished Leah’s hand warmers!

I’m really happy with how they turned out and they were really easy and fun to knit. And now — at last — I can officially start knitting for baby!

So, the week wasn’t at all bad, and writing out all these good things gives me better perspective. It was just kind of tiring. While I still feel good practicing yoga, I am definitely slowing down (for instance, lunges during sun salutation are just way too awkward now). My stomach is squished into my lungs and I have been waking up a lot at night, then too uncomfortable to fall back asleep. These aren’t really bad things, but they just make life a little more challenging.

My family also is dealing with another loss this week: my 90-year-old grandmother passed away very early on Wednesday. This wasn’t unexpected, and we all feel so blessed to have enjoyed relationships with her for so long, but we will miss her! She lived close by my dad so we got to see her a lot — and in fact Steve and Karen and I just saw her this past Saturday. Tomorrow my family will be gathering in Warrenton to remember her and celebrate her long life. Here she is with my grandfather in 2001:

My grandmother and I were very different: where I am laid-back, she was gregarious; where I am reserved, she loved nothing more than to socialize. She always said she married my grandfather because he was a good dancer, and I don’t think she was kidding. I look forward to leafing through her nursing school yearbooks this weekend and reminiscing with my sisters and cousins about her adventures.

Lastly (and unrelated to any of the above), I started reading a new book yesterday and it’s starting to solidify a lot of things I’ve been thinking about lately …

I’ve learned a lot so far and I’m barely into the first chapter!