I can’t believe it, but I’m still feeling good in yoga class.

(26 weeks:)

(32 weeks:)

There’s a big difference!

I was almost positive this week that attending class would be uncomfortable and awkward, and I didn’t go to the Thursday and Friday classes I’ve frequented the last several months. However, my hips were feeling pretty good this morning, and I could tell my body needed a good stretch, so off I went to class this morning — one last time, I told myself. I tell myself this every week, but at the end of class every week I still feel really, really good.

I’m also becoming increasingly interested in developing my own at-home practice, outside of following videos or podcasts from yogadownload.com. This month’s Yoga Journal has an article about developing your own practice, so I picked up a copy at Whole Foods today.

(It also has an article about karma — I wonder what I can do for mine. Heh.)

While I do hope to be able to take a yoga class at a studio once a week or so after I get settled with the baby (maybe this fall), I also know having a practice at home is going to be essential — and plus, I’ve found that my body really likes a lot of yoga! My problem right now is really knowing where to start — not just figuring out what kind of flow to do, what poses to include — but also how to listen to my body, how to focus on a home practice with all the distractions of life, and also how to develop the patience to stay on my mat independently for an hour at a time. I guess I should also consider whether an at-home independent practice is a good fit for me, or whether following an instructor is best after all. I don’t have too many friends who practice yoga, but does anyone out there have any advice for me?

I’ve been coming up with all kinds of self- and home-improvement projects recently — am I nesting?

Anyway, now that my body feels refreshed, strengthened and restored, Steve and I are off to Short Pump for the night. We’ve been trying to squeeze in as many dates and dinners out as we can between the constant baby prep. Steve’s been painting the nursery this weekend and I can’t wait to get the crib set up in there!

An Italian feast awaits …