This weekend baby and I were, you might say, showered with love. Leah and my aunt Tineke threw me a beautiful baby shower! I arrived at Leah’s to discover that not only were my closest friends in attendance, but also some out-of-town family! It was a wonderful surprise. I was not involved at all with the planning of the shower — my most pressing decision was figuring out what to wear — so I was really excited to see what Leah and Tineke had planned.

There was a subtle theme throughout the shower — airplanes! My dad was a Navy pilot.

— This airplane is actually a music box, though it doesn’t work well anymore. It used to play “Fly Me to the Moon” if you turned the propellers. It lived in various spots throughout our house growing up and I’ve always loved it, so I am really excited to use it in the nursery.

We played two shower games, and thankfully neither one was the disgusting melted-candy-bar game. Instead, we played Baby Name Boggle (I came up with 32 words one can make from his name!) and then a creative and hilarious activity where people used pictures of Steve and me to determine what they thought our baby would look like.

I think this was my favorite part of the shower — I still laugh just thinking about it! I chose the center top one as my favorite because it was the only one to incorporate my hair into my future baby’s style, and I thought it was so funny. That one was made by my friends Holly and Mary-Kate.

There was also, of course, cake:

It’s “prince” cake — princess cake, obviously! It’s my favorite cake of all time. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a Swedish confection made with almonds and marzipan. The bakery gave us a huge cake so I’m excited to have a lot left over. Two large slices at the party was not enough to meet my princess cake quota for the year.

And my loved ones showered me with gifts too!

Here we’re admiring Maggie’s quilt-in-process. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Baby also got lots of sweet little onesies and sleepers. I think we are all set on his clothes for now! He will be one well-dressed little boy.

And of course no Dutch baby can go home without a pair of wooden shoes:

I knew Tineke would come through with these. (He also got little plush wooden-shoe slippers, too!)

When I thought about the shower, it was important to me that I feel like a part of my mom was there with me — the shower was one part of pregnancy I didn’t really look forward to for a long time, because I thought I would feel her absence so keenly. And I did, of course, just as I always do. But I wanted to feel like I had a part of her there with me too.

So I wore some jewelry that makes me think of her. The cross is a pendant she bought me in college; her wedding ring is the middle, and on the left is a lapis heart my cousin Elizabeth brought me from Kabul. (She is a Navy JAG and flies around the world a lot.) I can’t remember exactly when she gave it to me, but I think it was over the summer and I associate it with my mom for that reason. It may not be the most fashion-forward necklace, but I haven’t taken it off yet.

It was a busy weekend and such a fun time. It was wonderful to see so far-away loved ones, including Steve’s family, my aunt Jan-Yi from Pennsylvania, and Elizabeth, who came down from New York. Our baby is pretty well set to make his entrance into the world now, and it’s so nice to know he has so many people excitedly awaiting his arrival. The next time I see a lot of these women, baby will be on the outside (and, needless to say, very well dressed)!