Steve and I took a little detour last night! After a long and very uncomfortable day of lots of contractions and pelvic pain, my back really started to hurt when I got home. I called my doctor’s office to check in, and the on-call doctor asked me to come to labor and delivery to be monitored for a little while. So I packed up my knitting (knowing I’d be sitting on a bed for a while) and Steve and I headed over!

On our way over we joked that this was just a dry run and that baby shouldn’t get any ideas (we don’t have any diapers! we don’t have a pack and play! there are still boxes in his nursery!) — but fortunately, he seems to be staying put. Everything is fine! I sat with the monitors for about two hours, which baby did not like, and it was actually nice to get to listen in on him for so long! At the doctor’s office we usually only get to hear him for a few seconds each week. The doctor thinks that baby is probably getting himself into position which could be irritating my uterus, for lack of a better way to put it. We were able to come back home and I have not had that many contractions since last night, and my back is much better, which is nice. I go back this afternoon to check in again.

So today I am at home, on the doctor’s advice.

Despite how much I love my job, I really am (physically) ready to be done. Runner’s World might remind us that hard exercise is OK in the third trimester, but for me, this is all the hard exercise I need right now. I feel extremely fortunate that I can stop working in a few weeks and don’t have to worry about balancing work with wondering when I’m going to go into labor — not to mention balancing work with the discomfort and exhaustion of late pregnancy.

Today I am going to work on some knitting:

(I got a lot done at the hospital!)

— as well as do some reading. I have some books on happiness; some magazines (Runner’s World, Fitness and Yoga Journal — living vicariously); and a book about a girl who likes to shop. I am not going to do the dishes or fold laundry or clean out any closets or go to yoga tonight. (However I do think I’ll make some Oreo cookie pops to take to our family dinner this week! My friend Holly sent me the recipe. I’m obsessed.) But first up: breakfast.

Have a happy Tuesday!