Is that post title too obvious?

March is probably my favorite month of the year, now that I live in Virginia. (Living in New England, however, was torturous in March. It’s March 25! Today’s high is 47 with a chance of sleet overnight!) No matter how mild the winter, it’s still so nice to see the days getting longer, the hyacinths and daffodils starting to bloom, and the temperatures steadily climbing.


But it’s still February. Leap Years have always made me feel a bit resentful — can’t we get on with spring?? — but this year I’m trying to have a better attitude about it. After all, there’s a sort of novelty knowing that this day only comes around once every four years. It’s hard for me to remember what life was even like four years ago! I reached back into the dusty corners of my memory to come up with the following facts:

  • I was working for UVA’s English Department and getting ready for an interview with the business school, where I wound up for the following two years.
  • Steve and I had been dating for about two months and we were blissfully, nauseatingly happy. (We still are.)
  • My sister Leah was getting ready to welcome her first baby — my little niece Sophie! (I am actually due on Sophie’s fourth birthday.)
  • Teaker was not diabetic! I lived in blissful ignorance about what was coming my way, cat-wise.
  • I was still driving my old 1995 Honda Civic, a no-frills stick shift car with a tape deck (!) that didn’t work. I’d like to say I miss the old dinosaur, but … I don’t.
  • My knitting skills were slowly picking up — it was around this time that I started knitting a lot more.

I made this hat for Sophie. At the time I was still afraid of double-pointed needles.

This of course makes me wonder what will be different four years from now. What will be a distant memory? — I’d like to say that I hope my grief is a distant memory four years from now, but I doubt that will happen; it will just feel different. Truthfully I am pretty happy with where my life is right now — things are not easy, but I feel good. (Mentally, emotionally. Physically? I hope late pregnancy is a distant memory on February 29, 2016!)

I thought about setting some goals for the next four years with the intent of revisiting them in 2016 (I got the idea from Better Homes & Gardens, I think), and while I love a concrete goal, I think I’d prefer to just let life unfold and see where it takes me. I hope that in 2016 I am happier, more peaceful, more confident, and most importantly much closer to God. And I hope that Leap Day in 2016 is a nice, warm, early-spring day — just to take the sting off having to stick it out in February that tiny bit longer.