Whew! Another one of our waning pre-baby weekends done …

Saturday was work. Sunday was play! Work included more nursery organization …



On the right is his little swimsuit his Grandma got him to take to the beach this summer! The green striped lump in the middle is his legwarmers. The basket on the left holds all his newborn clothes. He has more than enough, which makes me a little sad because they are so cute and I wish he would be able to wear them for longer than 2-3 weeks.

Buddy also helped us get organized:

It’s nice to have a cat on safety patrol.

I was disappointed to miss my usual Saturday morning yoga class — I really love starting my weekend with a workout (or, if you’re me the last month or so, a “workout”) because it helps me get a momentum going for the day and kind of sets the tone for the weekend. Instead I had to rely on my own motivation to get a start on my chores … not quite the same and not nearly as easy! I guess I can make myself feel better about my latent desire to lounge around in my bathrobe by reminding myself that my lounging days are very limited now.

After a Saturday of baby prep and housework and napping, today was much-anticipated because of this:


Karen and I saw our favorite movie on the big screen! Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater shows a classic movie one Sunday a month. For some reason, despite knowing about this tradition for years, I’ve never taken advantage, but when I saw the other day that this month’s movie involved this guy:


I was in, and Karen took absolutely no convincing to join me. And it did not disappoint (of course)! The Sound of Music was my mom’s favorite movie too and I know she would have loved to have been there — she used to talk fondly of how many times she saw it in the theater upon its original release in 1965.

I am getting too big, slow and tired now to really get a lot done on the weekends (that third trimester fatigue is setting in) but I’ll just keep tackling my to-do list one thing at a time. (First things first — maybe making a to-do list?) And now — to work! I also need to pick out my next baby knitting project — blanket or more legwarmers. Tough choices here …

What about you guys? What fun things did you do this weekend?