Well, looks like today will be play again rather than work:

What … what is this white stuff falling from the sky. What is this. What is happening.

There were mild rumors of some snow showers today but when I woke up to this view I was very surprised! I put my game face on, though, and cleared off my Civic to get to work. I did not make it very far mileage-wise before turning around, but I still spent half an hour in the car this morning sliding around on the roads! After all that effort, I’m home again today. At this point I barely feel like I have a job what with the amount of time I’ve been spending at home lately. Oh well: no worries. These last two weeks are mostly going to be made up of wrapping things up around the office anyway. I’m going to spend the day making some hummus (I have some chipotle peppers and sauce to use up — yum?) and maybe practicing yoga.

Right now with all the clutter and disorganization boxes and extreme-home-makeover-baby-edition going on, this little slice of dining room is doubling as my yoga studio. It is the only area of our house that can even pretend to resemble open space.

ANYWAY. Now that we are entering week 35 (!), I thought it would be fun to make some predictions about baby Huffman. So let’s play a game! Leave a comment with your best guesses at the following questions, and we’ll see who wins! No, there are not any formal prizes unless you count bragging rights or deep personal satisfaction at being a good guesser. But, let’s see who gets the closest.

Here are the questions:

1. Date of birth
2. Time of birth
3. Weight of baby
4. Length of baby
5. Hair or no hair?

A few facts to aid in your guesses: My official due date is April 10; I will be full term (37 weeks) on March 20; Steve was born early; Leah and I were too but we’re twins so we don’t count; Leah went late with her first baby just like 80% of first time moms; Steve was 7 pounds at birth; Leah and I were not but again we’re twins so we don’t count. (Baby is probably already bigger now than I was when I was born.)

So: Let’s make some very educated and scientific guesses about when baby Huffman will make his formal entrance into the world! Let me know what you think in the comments. I will make the first guess …