First, I wanted to prove to you all that I don’t always dress like a shlub, and I don’t always look like a dead person. I even occasionally smile!

I fully acknowledge how sad it is that I feel like jeans are dressy for me now. It’s like college all over again.

One of my coworkers today told me that it looks like baby has dropped some. Yay! (And incidentally, no one told me I was huge.)

My last day at work is next Friday, making this my last weekend as a working girl. I can’t believe it — it really doesn’t feel real and I don’t think it will until after I have the baby. In the meantime I am wrapping things up at work and pretending I’m not leaving for good. Tomorrow I am using my very last vacation day to go try out the recumbent bike at the gym and shop for fabric with Leah. (She’s making us curtains and a bed skirt for the nursery!)

Lastly, the other night I had a very vivid dream. I’m a big believer in dream interpretation, and looking back on this one was an interesting experience. I know reading about other people’s dreams isn’t very interesting, but I want to document this one so that I don’t forget it in the future. So bear with me …

In the dream, I was arriving for a group run — much like the group run Mary-Kate and I did last summer, and in fact I was arriving at the same location. There were a lot of people there and I felt anxious, unprepared, and overdressed; I was even wearing my long winter coat over my running clothes. The run started and I was swept up in the crowd, suddenly running — and I realized as I was running that a) running felt more like flying, and b) I had shed all my heavy layers and was flying up the road in a tank top and shorts. The run was joyful, exhilarating, energizing, and even emotional. Along with the crowd, I was running up a long rocky slope up to what seemed to be the summit of a mountain, but there were steep stone walls along the edges of the summit, like castle battlements or like we were in the bottom of a giant bowl. As I ran, I could see over the top of the wall at times. The view was of the Virginia mountains:

but I couldn’t always see it — only when gaps appeared in the wall. Most of the people I was running with were gathered at a small peak in the center of the summit with their backs to me, facing the sunrise, but I kept running and running, peeking around the edges of the walls at the splendor below.

When I woke up, I felt happy. It was not a difficult dream to interpret.