Well, my last day of work has come and gone. It was as surreal as I expected — I felt as though I got up living one life, and went to bed living another. It is a very strange feeling, which for some reason I didn’t really anticipate; I’ve left jobs before, obviously, but it’s always been either because I wanted a new challenge or didn’t like the job — I’ve never had the experience of leaving a job I loved in order to leap off into an abyss of a completely new life. It made saying goodbye really hard. I kept joking that I’m going to just show up on Monday morning, business as usual, like George Costanza in The Revenge. (My firm belief that there’s a Seinfeld episode for every life situation continues to be proven true.)

So now that I’m officially a stay-at-home mom(-to-be), I’m guessing I have up to a month at home taking it easy before baby comes along. My top priority for however much time I have left is to rest, but I have a few other ideas for how I want to fill my time, apart from the less-exciting homemaking chores like cleaning out the guest room closet and organizing my kitchen gadget drawer. I’m feeling much more zen about my potential upcoming projects than I used to — if they get done before baby arrives, they get done; if not, they just won’t. (Again: see top priority of rest.)

So beyond resting, and apart from the boring to-dos on my yet-to-be-made list, here are a few things I’m hoping to cross off my pre-baby bucket list …

  • Knit, knit, knit. I’m working on a second hat to match the one I made for my own baby — two friends of mine are having boys this spring and their heads must be warm too! I am also hoping to make another pair of legwarmers, since I loved how the first pair turned out.

If I am super-productive, maybe I’ll get an opportunity to start a pair of socks or the citron, but we’ll see. I also have big plans to make a blanket, but I’m so attached to my tiny double-pointed needles that I haven’t been able to bring myself to pick up anything larger than a size three.

  • Start some plants in containers. I actually have a fair amount of success with container gardening so I am excited to get my herbs, peas, and flowers going again.

This is basil and thyme from two years ago. I may plant several pots of basil this year so that I can make pesto without depleting my entire supply all at once! I also am going to start peas again (I also did this two years ago), but I haven’t decided what else yet. I know it’s possible to grow tomatoes in containers, so if I never get around to putting anything into my raised bed I may do a larger container garden this year. We’ll see.

  • Read, read, read. I have a few fun books to entertain myself for when I am done with Daniel Gilbert, but I also want to revisit my old friend C.S. Lewis. In particular, I’m interested in revisiting A Grief Observed, Surprised by Joy, and The Problem of Pain. I have a feeling the last book in particular might have something to say about my happiness research.
  • Spend some time in the kitchen. Apart from making meals to freeze, which I feel is my duty as a full-term nesting pregnant mama, I have a long list of kitchen experiments that I’d like to try.

Along with more tea cakes and quick breads, I’m hoping to experiment with granola and maybe also try my hand at some fancy desserts — I have a mini blow torch for caramelizing sugar, after all, and my sweet tooth needs an outlet!

While I want to keep my feet up a lot (which is good, as they now resemble a pair of small balloons), I also want to keep myself busy while I’m at home in order to stave off boredom while I wait. Wish me luck!