37 weeks!

Can you see him hanging out on my right side?

Wow. It sounds really cliched to say something like I never thought I’d see this day! or I just can’t believe it! but to some extent, both are true! I hoped I would see this day and I wanted to believe it would happen, so I’m really excited to get to this pregnancy milestone. Iย really can’t believe that I have only a few weeks left being pregnant, though. While I am very much looking forward to being able to see my feet, use my abdominal muscles, get out of bed without a lot of awkwardness, and wear non-maternity clothes again, I think part of me actually will really miss being pregnant. He spends much of his days wiggling around now that he’s running out of space, and I think I will miss having him all to myself. (Not to mention that he is 1. portable and 2. very easy to take care of in this state!)

I had my 37-week checkup this morning and thankfully, my doctor does not think he is a very big baby — contrary to what everyone else in the world seems to think, but I will trust his judgement! Overall I am feeling pretty good and the reality of a newborn is becoming less of an abstraction.

I feel like pregnancy has changed my face a lot. I wonder how long it will take before I feel like I look like myself again!

A few months ago I wrote about some ways I found pregnancy surprising. At the time I was in my second trimester and was struggling a lot with anxiety, body image, and feeling like the pregnancy was “real”. Now that I am in the batter’s circle (as my doctor says), there are a few new ways I’ve been surprised!

  • The further along I get, the more I enjoy being pregnant. I actually thought the opposite was supposed to be true; now that I am officially full term, shouldn’t I be irritably demanding that my baby vacate the premises? Instead, I really like being able to tell where the baby is, for instance — feeling a little foot sticking out or feeling his back along my right side. No, I am not the most comfortable I have ever been, but at this point I am accustomed to my limited mobility, and I have a better understanding than ever that these limitations are temporary. Feeling the baby wiggling around makes a lot of these inconveniences worth it, which is very different than how I felt a few months ago — I think because it all feels much more real.
  • I’m okay with the uncertainty. I’m not a type-A person (what a surprise, right?) but I do like to know the plan. A lot of my nesting urges, in fact, have been to make big plans. But when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth, I’m really okay with not taking control over the situation. My doctor and I had a long conversation today about induction and c-sections (two things I’d really like to avoid) and my practically-nonexistent birth plan. I don’t fear labor because I don’t think there’s really any point to it. It’ll happen when it happens.
  • I am much more relaxed. I really think all of the things that I’m surprised about circle around this one: I’m just so much more relaxed now! I do still worry, but not nearly to the extent that I used to. Like I said at the start of my third trimester, I’m finally more excited than I am anxious and apprehensive.

My feet are down there somewhere …

Oh, and one thing about late pregnancy that’s not surprising? I’m totally running out of clothes. I hope Steve and the kitties don’t mind me wearing the same things every day for the next month!