Yesterday I headed downtown to enjoy the sunshine and some frozen yogurt with my friend Jill. It was my first time going back downtown since I left work (two weeks ago now — wow!) and being back there was nice — even though I don’t have a monthly parking pass for the parking garage anymore and had to pick up a ticket. Sigh.

While we were downtown (after a stop at the yarn shop; I can’t stop making hats) we stopped at a cupcake shop that’s well known around town for its lemon drop cupcake. Apparently if you are big and pregnant, the lemon drop cupcake will help start labor! There was even a sign inside boasting 102 “lemon drop babies” — if it worked, I could bring my baby by and be #103! I still am convinced I’ll go late, but a) I thought it would be a fun experiment, and b) who doesn’t love a lemon cupcake.

The nice thing is that they give you two — one’s on the house! I brought two lemon drop cupcakes home for me as well as an assortment for Steve and me to choose from later and enjoyed them for dessert. Normally I find bakery cupcakes kind of dry and generic-tasting, but these were delicious. Did they work? Sadly (and obviously) no — but that’s fine with me because it just means I can go back again next week and the week after and get two more!

I know that the only reason the lemon drop cupcake “works” is because pretty much anything you do at 40-41 weeks pregnant is going to “cause” labor, but to me, any experiment that involves buttercream frosting is worth my time. Yum!