40 weeks!

Today is my due date! Very exciting.

None of my shirts fit anymore. Old Navy tank top, you’re my only friend.

Everything is coming together around here — we’ve got the nursery [mostly] set up, the house [mostly] clean, laundry and dishes [mostly] caught up …

Teaker has tried out all of the baby’s various beds and seats.

Every little boy needs an aardvark of his own!

I am not terribly concerned about not having delivered by this point; most first time babies come a little after their due dates, and I know the date is really more of an arbitrary designation than an official eviction notice. I’m not impatient, but I am excited! I still think the reality is so weird to me that when (if!) I do go into labor, I won’t be convinced it’s the real thing until the baby is actually on the outside. Still, my doctor wants us to get things moving this week in case I need to be induced on Monday (April 16). Yesterday I had an in-office procedure done that can sometimes encourage labor to begin, and if that doesn’t have much effect, we go in Friday morning for a different procedure. (On Friday the 13th!! Aaaaaah!) And if that doesn’t do anything, Monday is the big day and I will be officially induced! It’s crazy to think we’ll have a baby in our arms within a week.

I’m spending however much time I have left by getting caught up around the house, reading up on newborns, working on a baby blanket, and watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on Bravo. Right now my mind is so preoccupied with thoughts of labor, birth, motherhood, and recovery that I can’t really concentrate on anything else. (And hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the opportunity to get more lemon drop cupcakes!)

Come soon, baby! We can’t wait to see you.

And you’ll be much cuter on the outside, too, I think.