I’m tired!

(Not as tired as this guy though. It’s tough to be a newborn.)

We got home from the hospital on Friday evening and have been settling into family life. Steve’s mom is here for the week which has been a huge help — as it means we have an extra pair of hands to hold Will, and the laundry and dishes are caught up. My kitchen has never been so clean!

I will write out his birth story (you know, eventually, when I have the brain power) — but for now I can say it was a very long and difficult labor and it’s been followed by what seems to me to be a long and difficult recovery. Of course, I have no perspective on what recovery from childbirth is supposed to be like, but I think I expected to feel better at this point than I do. I have been saying that Will “broke Mommy” when he was born.

Good thing he’s so cute!

That being said, we are wonderfully happy and Will is so delightful. Breastfeeding is going really well, we are sleeping as much as we can, and hopefully soon we’ll be able to get out of the house. (This is dependent on my feeling up to a field trip, really.) Tomorrow is his first doctor’s appointment and we may (may!!) tack on a trip to Whole Foods while we’re on that part of town.

As you can see he really enjoyed being dressed for the first time. But doesn’t he look cute?

I’ll share more stories later. Bye!