Friends! I feel like it’s been so long. I had every intention of spending the afternoon in the nursery with Will yesterday — he would sleep in his crib (for the first time!) and I would finally get to do some writing. My body had other plans, though; I started running a fever and had to go to the doctor instead. Thankfully I do NOT have mastitis or the flu, but I do have a UTI (that was on its way toward becoming a kidney infection — yikes) and now that I’ve started a round of horse-pill antibiotics I am starting to feel better. The rest of my recovery is going well too — or maybe my expectations are being managed more realistically. My appetite is starting to return, but I’ve been eating a lot of mini Larabars, dried apricots and bland smoothies, and drinking A LOT of Gatorade.

The view from my bed

A few notes now that Will is one week old:

  • He is only one week old, but in that week he has been a pretty easy baby. He’s easily consoled and easy to please. Yesterday we took him to the doctor with us. We were there for two hours and he slept the entire time in his car seat! I know he is sleeping so much because he is a newborn, and he’ll wake up eventually and cause us a bit more trouble, but right now I am counting my blessings. Breastfeeding is still going well, and I am very, VERY thankful for this because I know it can be a huge source of stress for a lot of moms. I feel very fortunate in this.
  • The kitties could not care less about him. This is a big relief for me.

Yes, we had to document this moment for posterity.

  • We are figuring out a good nighttime routine for the three of us. Right now what seems to be working is to feed and change him when he wakes up, and then to have one of us sit in the nursery with him until he’s asleep before bringing him in to his pack and play in our bedroom. We’ve found this helps him to sleep more without fussing, rather than expecting him to be able to put himself to sleep. Oh, and he loves being swaddled.
  • I am also figuring out a good way to keep track of his busy schedule of eating, pooping, peeing on my face and sleeping. Right now I am writing everything down so that I can include relevant details. I am trying to see if he’s developing any patterns (i.e. similar nap times and lengths). So far he is pretty random aside from wanting to eat roughly every two hours and sleep all the time.

  • When I came home from the hospital I still looked about six months pregnant and was still very swollen with the IV fluids I received during labor. As of now, I have lost about half of the weight I gained while pregnant — and can recognize my hands and feet again! I still have a bit of a belly but it’s getting smaller every day. I do think I still look pregnant. (No pictures of this yet!) I also have to say that after almost two solid years of weight gain, it is REALLY SATISFYING to see the number on the scale going down. I wish I were not so vain as to say that, but it’s true.
  • My recovery is improving. In the first few days after labor, I thought a bit about my yoga practice and almost laughed out loud at the thought of EVER doing baddha konasana, warrior poses, or even downward dog again. However, now that some time has passed I am hoping to make my way through a wobbly sun salutation sometime next week. Our first challenge, however, remains to take a walk. Depending on how I’m feeling, today might be the day for that! It looks beautiful outside, at least from the vantage point here in bed. (Will is with Grandma right now for their morning bonding time.)
  • This whole week I have had little interest in doing anything other than sit in the nursery glider with Will, staring at him. So that’s basically what I have done. I’m assuming someday the world will open up again, but for now, this is all there is to me.

I am hoping to take some time today or tomorrow to start writing out his birth story. It was a big … adventure. I can’t wait to share all the details!