The family has gone and Steve, Will and I are all on our own!

It was great to have Steve’s mom with us for the week, but she and Grandpa left on Friday at lunchtime. Now Steve and I are finding a rhythm to family life and seeing what kind of routine to settle into. I feel pretty confident that we’ll be all right in the end.

So far we’ve accomplished a few firsts:

First stroller walk! There has been such pretty weather this week and I don’t think I realized how much I felt cooped up in the house until we went out on Thursday evening to pick up our Horse and Buggy produce. The fresh air was so invigorating and I immediately felt so much better — even though I hadn’t even felt bad! So despite the fact that Friday was a tougher day for us — lots of cluster feeding and much less sleep — I was really determined to get outside. I did not regret it! I practically had a Fraulein Maria moment just walking down the sidewalk.


It felt SO GOOD and reinforced my resolution to get out of the house every day for a walk, as long as the weather’s nice. We were only out for about ten minutes, but it was a really wonderful ten minutes. Saturday morning we repeated our success when I took Will for a 20-minute walk while Steve hit [tennis balls] off the tennis court wall at the community college nearby. Hopefully every day we can be out just a few minutes longer! It’s also been a big emotional boost to feel physically up for a walk. I don’t know what I was talking about when I said — at five days postpartum — that my recovery was taking a long time. I feel so much better now.

One other new thing that we’ve tried is putting Will in his crib for naps. His naps are still pretty unpredictable and he often needs some assistance getting to sleep, but I think allowing him to get used to sleeping in his crib will be good for both him and us. His nighttime sleep has gotten a BIT more predictable (knock on wood) and he’s still in the room with us in the pack n play — we don’t plan to have him in his room overnight for a while yet — but this way we can both get a break from baby-holding, as much as we love it. We have a great video monitor, and I’m really thankful for that as I think it allows me to feel much less anxious about him being all the way upstairs in another room so far away from me.

He’s wearing a newborn size onesie here — and it’s getting too short! He is growing so fast! He was 20.5 inches at birth, so he’s already on the long side.

I wouldn’t say we’ve had 100% success with this; he clearly prefers to nap while being held. But we’ll keep trying! Bolstered by my success with the walk, I tried him in the Moby wrap on Friday evening, but I timed it poorly (he was hungry and fussy) so it didn’t go well. Leah suggested putting him in it after he eats and when he’s sleepy, so it was probably timing. Babywearing will be a LOT more convenient than a) sitting with the baby all the time and b) trying to make him happy without holding him, so it’s something I really want to focus on in the coming weeks. Leah also has a Bjorn that I want to try out when he’s a bit bigger.

And another very exciting first happened on Friday night — first postpartum yoga practice. Two minutes in child’s pose. I’m counting it. It felt amazing. I downloaded a few gentle hatha classes from, so hopefully in the next few days with Steve still home, I might be able to get a brief practice in if Will will allow!

Then on Saturday, we accomplished a MAJOR feat: a trip to Target! This is something we had had in the back of our minds all week as a great first big outing, and by Saturday I was feeling up to it physically as well as DYING to get out of the house mentally. We are so, so fortunate to have a baby who sleeps in the car and in his stroller — he was totally relaxed the whole time!

It started pouring rain while we were there, which meant a quick dash out to the car — but even so, Will barely stirred. We were able to stock up on diapers (lots and lots of newborn diapers) and some other essentials, and it felt really good to be able to get out and feel like a human being again.

I even wore jeans! Jeans!! Yes, maternity jeans — but jeans!! I felt like a real person again. It was so nice. (And don’t you love Will’s little socks? They look like sneakers.)

Sunday was another day of firsts — he napped (!!) in the Moby!

I love his face in this picture. He wasn’t sure what to think at first, but he relaxed and got in a good afternoon nap!

We also did tummy time for the first time, which I think confused him. We’ll give it some time. He’ll figure it out! It will be so interesting to see how he develops in this area. He couldn’t pick up his head at all (he made a few attempts) and I know that it won’t be long before he’s able to do it.

So far I think we’re doing pretty well on our own — despite my earlier apprehension, I do have confidence that we’re going to be just fine. Steve goes back to work on Wednesday, though, and the real fun will begin!