Will is now two weeks old!

I know, he looks a little concerned about it. I promise it’s not so bad on the outside, Will!

Steve has gone back to work, so Will and I are on our own these days. Yesterday he was a very easy baby, but today he’s been more of a challenge. I’m practicing my babywearing skills and having him sleep in the Moby this morning, which seems to be soothing to him. I’m learning more about this baby every day! Every day he wakes up a bit more and starts to show more of his personality. I am so looking forward to the next several weeks as he continues to grow and change!

Now that it’s been two weeks since I had this baby, I can feel my body continue to recover. It’s pretty amazing to me, actually, how different I feel now vs. a week ago and especially vs. two weeks ago. I am not at all up to strenuous workouts at this point, but I can see in the next few weeks that I might be able to start running again (!). In the meantime, I am taking him out for walks whenever the weather cooperates (yesterday we walked in the Moby!) and I’m itching to get him out for longer and longer periods of time. Getting moving again has felt so good after being so limited for such a long time.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting is that apparently nine months of pregnancy + a winter of wearing Uggs + a spring of wearing Crocs flats = a random flare-up of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I didn’t notice it until the very end of my pregnancy and hoped it would go away after delivery, but it’s still hanging around getting in the way of my downward-facing dog. So to combat it, I’m wearing my very fashionable (old) running shoes around the house with my yoga pants! As someone used to going barefoot around the house, it’s very strange. But hopefully my foot will be back to normal soon enough.

As far as the rest of my body is concerned, after losing a huge amount in the first ten days, the weight loss has slowed down. I lost another 3 pounds or so in week 2 and I have about 15 pounds to go before I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My belly has gone down considerably — I don’t even know if I still look pregnant! Even so it’s been a challenge to find shirts to wear that a) I can nurse in, and b) don’t draw attention to what remains of my belly. I tried on a pair of my biggest pants, and they fit around the hips and thighs but I’m totally unable to button them, so I’m definitely still in maternity jeans for the time being. I think I look pretty good for two weeks postpartum, though!

And as for the rest of motherhood? I’m really happy. The sleep deprivation gets rough in the middle of the night (like the time I put him down at 2 a.m. and he woke up again at 2:40) but during the day, I feel pretty good. He has his fussy moments (or days/nights), but they end. I’m becoming so much more confident about going out with him, and we are even thinking about going to church this Sunday if we can get our act together! I’ll have to pull out his very best onesie for the occasion.

Life is really good these days!