I’m feeling accomplished today.

  • If Will and I make it until 5:30 p.m. alive, fed, and reasonably hygienic, I will have made it through one full work week as a SAHM to an infant. Very exciting! I was a little apprehensive at the start of the week knowing I had five long days on my own ahead of me, but Will makes it pretty easy. We kept our schedule a good mix of busy and relaxed — our outings break up the day, while our quiet mornings or afternoons give us some down time and allow us to feel relatively rested.
  • My first postpartum run is on the calendar. Next weekend, Lord willing. I’m excited to give it a shot! I know it’s not going to be easy and I’m definitely not expecting to get in an easy 6 miler. Instead, I’m planning a run/walk ratio of (hopefully!) 2 minutes running + 1 minute walking, for maybe two miles or so. I hope it goes OK. I’m also revisiting my yoga mat tomorrow after a long week away from it.
  • I found a swimsuit at Target that a) fits and b) I like. Yes — I went to Target, baby in tow! He napped for about 45 minutes in our inherited Bjorn while I shopped for a few postpartum wardrobe updates, along with more new-to-us necessities (diapers, baby nail clippers … the list goes on). Now I will be ready to hit the pool this summer — very important!
  • This morning, I located my waist. Big accomplishment and one I’m not sure I have much to do with. Will and I have been going on lots of long walks to get me a bit more cardio-ready (and also to get us out of the house and into the fresh air — it’s glorious) but other than that I haven’t been doing much in the way of trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape, particularly in the kitchen. Although I ran out of Haagen Dasz last night, so my nightly desserts are going to become a little less frequent … But still! My waist. It still exists. It’s still there.
  • I feel so much more like my old self. Maybe not my pre-pregnancy self — perhaps a hybrid between that self and my pregnant self. Fatigue aside, I am feeling really great these days. I don’t think I’ve taken any ibuprofen since last weekend!
  • We gave Will his first bath last night. He did not enjoy it. (Yes, he is 3 weeks old and just now getting his first bath. What can we say? We’re rookies.)

Pure anguish. Why are Mommy and Daddy so mean, Will?

Of course, the week wasn’t perfect. The night before last Will was up almost continuously from 3:30 a.m. until about 8 (and therefore so was I); he peed all over himself, his changing table, and his daddy yesterday; I have absolutely zero moments to myself during the day; he has been crying in the car a little more which does not necessarily bode well for our upcoming trip to Massachusetts at the end of the month; I still can’t even come close to zipping up my biggest pre-pregnancy jeans. And yet I think overall, this week has been a great success!

Thanks for coming along into the baby vortex these last few weeks, by the way. I have no intention of becoming a mommy blogger, so hopefully as time goes by my topics of conversation will become a bit more varied! Somewhere in the back of my mind lurk the things I was thinking about in the days before Will was born. Maybe soon they will surface again …