I can’t believe it, but somehow a whole month has gone by since this happened, and my baby went from this:

to this!

He’s huge now. He looks like such a little gentleman!

Anyway, it feels good (and weird!) to have the first month of motherhood behind me. Soon enough Will won’t even qualify as a newborn! (I contend that he is, indeed, still a newborn as he is still wearing newborn-sized diapers.) In the meantime, though, I am enjoying every moment of his first weeks, and also looking forward to the growth and changes to come.

This past week has been our hardest yet, due to increased fussiness as Will gets older. We’ve been trying to do some troubleshooting around his sleep patterns, too; he often does great (and is becoming fairly predictable) during the day, but I think we’ve been keeping him up too late in the evening because he then fights sleep with all his might. I’m reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child for some more guidance. I hope it helps!

It’s amazing to me how different life is today vs. when we first brought him home. The first ten days or so of Will’s life were like a twilight to me — I want to talk more about this later, but I was not very prepared for a lot of aspects of the postpartum period, and a lot surprised me. But once we got past those first ten days or so, things changed and I am very much at ease in my new role as a mother — to to mention feeling much more balanced!

Will seems to have recovered from the traumatic experience that was his first bath, and enjoyed his second. He takes a bottle well (although I totally kind of hate pumping), is working on his smile (so close!) and has a lot more head control than he did just a few weeks ago. It’s really amazing to watch how fast he’s getting stronger, and how much bigger he gets on what seems to be a daily basis! He sleeps best in his vibrating buzzy seat or in his stroller on a walk, and we’re really hoping that soon he will start sleeping longer than two hours at a time at night.

As for me, I feel pretty close to fully recovered, though I am still experiencing some soreness — I’m hoping I’m not drawing out my healing with our frequent walks, which last for an hour and cover three miles. My weight continues to fall slowly but steadily; the other day I discovered I can fit into my jeans again as long as I loop a hair elastic around the button — very exciting! I’m eating a fairly healthy diet for the most part, but I fully acknowledge the increased presence of dessert in my life. I think I’ll give myself until six weeks postpartum before I start any kind of dessert moratorium!

Around the house things are a little sketchier. During the day I find it almost impossible to get anything done besides a load or two of laundry — Will requires ALL of my time right now! This is why, on the weekends when Steve is home, I find myself going into overdrive with projects at home. Last weekend I weeded out our front flowerbed (which was getting embarrassing) and today I’m canning strawberry jam. Of course, I could be using my time to do something useful like vacuuming, but … there’s always tomorrow? Or, a few months from now when Will consistently naps in his crib?

Please excuse the disheveled mommy and focus on the cute baby here.

Onward to month two! I can’t believe it.