I went for a run today.

Sorry, I phrased that wrong: this should read I WENT FOR A RUN TODAY!!!!!

Steve, Will and I headed out the door this morning to the nearby Greenbelt Trail so I could try out a brief run. While Steve walked Will in the stroller, I ran two miles! I did intervals of 3-4 minutes running to 1-2 minutes walking. I went in with expectations that I would feel like dying physically, so I was REALLY surprised (and really pleased) that I felt great! I felt really strong during the whole run. It wasn’t easy, but it was really, really great to finally run again — my first run since November! At one point I actually had a big dopey grin on my face. (That may have been because I could see the end of the trail and was realizing I was finishing my first postpartum run!)

Of course, I did not feel like I did last summer when I was running more. I could definitely tell I’d just had a baby! The run was challenging, and I have a long way to go before the four-miler comes around over Labor Day weekend. But I feel really optimistic that I’ll be back in decent running shape before I know it. Maybe soon I’ll even look like this:

or even this! (only smiling of course.)

Soon enough I’ll be tackling the giant hills in my neighborhood at a run again — not just with a stroller in front of me.

I also, it turns out, have a long way to go to get back into those yoga poses I’ve missed so much. I got in a good practice on Tuesday while Will was sleeping, and the sequence I did ended in wheel pose. This is a pose I used to love before I was pregnant; it was a great challenge to me and gave me a great exhilarated feeling. So when it came time to get into wheel pose, I got myself all into position and went to push off from the ground. And … nothing happened.

Literally! Nothing. I literally could not lift up from my arms. I guess this makes sense, as my abs and upper body weren’t exactly getting their best workout during my pregnancy.

I anticipated that this would be very frustrating and disappointing to me, and while I was a little disappointed, I actually am looking forward to seeing how much progress I make over the next few months. After all, an atmosphere of growth is a big part of my happiness project. So focusing on my forward momentum — and not just the ground I’ve lost — will be really important.

I’m excited to see how things go in the coming weeks. I’ll need to figure out a) a rough training plan, and b) a rough (and VERY flexible) running-and-yoga schedule. Here we go!