Just a few random notes …

  • Here is why I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and write a blog post this morning:

Forget the Moby wrap. Forget the buzzy seat. He regularly naps for 2+ hours in this swing. It is MAGIC. Steve and I are going to move heaven and earth in order to fit it in the car for our trip to Massachussetts.

  • Steve got me an iPad for Mother’s Day, thus giving me some more much-needed entertainment during our late-night feeding-and-rocking sessions. Because of this, I finally succumbed to the lure of Pinterest. I’m still not sure I really get the point of it, but it’s giving me a place to store a lot of really indulgent dessert recipes. (I’ll be back in my old clothes in no time!)
  • Also because of the iPad, I bought a Kindle copy of Run Like A Mother yesterday and now I want to run a marathon. Spring 2014?
  • Will’s longer naps, along with making him a happier baby, have given me a chance to stop and breathe and realize how much all the accumulated clutter in my house is making me crazy. This is a good sign! We’re coming out of survival mode, maybe.
  • And speaking of marathons, if it’s not thundering when Steve gets home I’m going to run another two miles. Whee! And if it is thundering: yoga. It’s raining, so no walk today, sadly.

Time to refill my mug. Have a happy Monday, friends!