It’s amazing to me how much more motivated I am now that a five-week-old baby runs the house.

I assumed that once Will was born, I would never get anything done ever again, but happily I’ve proved myself wrong! Whenever Steve is around, I’ve been using the advantage of an extra set of hands to tackle a few things on my in-a-perfect-world spring to-do list — things I wasn’t sure I would get to, like tearing out what remains of the flowerbeds and canning homemade jam. This afternoon, for instance, I’m planning a trip to the garden store and then planting some salvia and a few annuals in our front flower bed.

When Steve isn’t home and I’m on my own, though, it’s much harder to take advantage of Will’s naptimes. This is mostly because I’m never sure how long he’s going to sleep, so I don’t want to dive into some involved project (like cleaning out my closet, which desperately needs to happen). Instead, I find myself accomplishing the little things like laundry and dishes — things that don’t look like very glamorous accomplishments at the end of the day, but need to get done anyway. I no longer start most of my days with the same things not crossed off my to-do list.

However, I haven’t yet gotten to a point where I feel like I can work out while Will sleeps. Soon? I’ve managed to do yoga a few times during naps, but I’m a bit gun-shy right now about attempting it again because I’m not very gracious about an interrupted workout. So likewise, even though I much prefer early morning runs, I’ve had to make do with early evening runs in the humidity, simply because that’s the only chance I have to get out there. Running in the evening isn’t my favorite activity, but it’s better than not running at all — which is what I would be doing otherwise. (I was sad this morning to realize that I’m probably saying goodbye to early weekday morning outdoor runs for a very, very long time.)

Anyway. I’ve been really pleased to discover that my habit of procrastination has gotten a lot better in the last month or so — when you have a newborn, it’s now or never when it comes to getting things done. So I really can’t procrastinate anymore — there’s no next weekend I’ll get to that or eh, I’ll do it later. If I don’t take advantage of Will’s naptimes or my husband’s presence, things literally will not get done. And this realization has helped me to actually be much more productive this spring than I thought I would be! It’s so nice to know that while life has changed a lot, Will’s arrival doesn’t mean it needs to stop entirely.

And now — time to garden!