We are having a fantastic road trip so far!

Will has turned out to be an excellent road trip companion, and he made the last two days’ driving much easier than it could have been. Apart from fussing due to hunger or a messy diaper, he’s been a very chill baby — so different than the one who’s been keeping me company at home the last few weeks! Miracle #1.

We arrived in Massachusetts late last night and found ourselves in a big old house. Despite the fact that we’re sleeping on a futon (!!), we got decent sleep. Miracle #2.

I vowed never to sleep on a futon again, and yet: here we are. Also, a train goes right by the house every two hours all night long, which is really fun.

So far we’ve had a really nice time visiting first with Steve’s family and then my own. We’ll be in Massachusetts until Sunday morning, when we head back to Pennsylvania and then Virginia again on Monday. Will has been so fussy lately, and I’ve been feeling really discouraged this last week. So having so much help, company and distraction has been wonderful! Miracle #3.

Miracle#4? Cosleeping. On Wednesday night, Will fell asleep in his swing, but started crying immediately when we put him in his pack-n-play. Out of desperation, I suggested Steve lay him down on the bed next to me. He stopped crying instantly and then slept for a record five and a half hours. It was amazing! The next morning we made the executive decision to use a cosleeper for the rest of our trip. (You can see it in the picture above.)

Cosleeping isn’t something I really want to get into a long-term habit of, but right now, it’s really nice, and Will obviously loves it. And it’s really wonderful to open my eyes in the middle of the night to see his sweet face. I think it helps with bonding, too, as it serves as a reminder that nothing can comfort Will and help him feel safe quite like Mom and Dad.

Two more notes:

  1. I achieved salad nirvana yesterday. It was a straightforward salad of greens, thinly sliced granny smith apples, walnuts, bleu cheese, grilled chicken and raspberry vinaigrette, but it was one of the best things I’ve eaten all year. Definitely finding a way to have it again when we pass through town on Sunday.
  2. I have a twinge in my right knee that I noticed on a walk on Wednesday. I felt it running yesterday, and it hasn’t gone away. I’m wondering if I’ve been trying to do too much, too soon — maybe I need to dial it back to longer walking intervals and make sure I do some strength training. My joints and ligaments are still really loose and I don’t want to forget that!