It’s funny how even though I’m no longer working, I still look forward to the weekend. Although now it’s because I know I’m going to have some grown-up company (and extra hands) for a few days!

Will looks forward to it too, because he loves to nap like this. (Don’t you love his little camo pants??)

Some other things happening these days …

  • I’m reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and it’s both fascinating and eye-opening. I’ve been a proponent of real, whole foods for a long time, but for some reason I hadn’t read this book yet. I’m so glad I finally picked it up. I have a feeling I’ll be clearing out my pantry pretty soon … the information on processed foods and its implications on our health is a lot to take in, but I think it’s important.
  • So to that end, I’m thinking about taking Will out to Whole Foods today to pick up some tahini, miso, and other yummies so I can start making salad dressings that aren’t simple lemon or balsamic vinaigrettes. Enough with the Kraft salad dressing in my fridge.
  • I planted salvia and marigolds out front, replacing the bed of weeds that was out there, and I can’t wait for it to fill in. This weekend I’m hoping to get some weeding done in the backyard, where I plan to put in coneflowers around the ugly bushes. (I’m making peace with the ugly bushes. As much as I want to replace them with peonies and hydrangeas, it’s probably not going to happen in this house. Sigh.)
  • Speaking of the garden: my container garden is OUT OF CONTROL. Here is a very artistic close-up of the peas:

They’re so tall. Almost ready to harvest!

  • I’m also pleased to report that my bell pepper plant is still alive. Has my pepper curse broken??
  • Will has started sleeping in stretches of 5-7 hours at night! It’s AMAZING. This week he’s fallen asleep at 8:45 almost on the dot every night, and he wakes up at some point between 2 and 4 before falling back asleep for another few hours. He wakes up sometime in the 7:00 hour — sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later; that’s not very consistent yet. We’re working on getting him upstairs for bed a bit earlier, since he’s still been really fussy in the evenings. But this is so great. Healthy Sleep Habits claimed that he would start sleeping longer at night at six weeks, and at exactly six weeks that is exactly what he did. Babies are so interesting.
  • My knee has improved a lot, thanks to a week of walking, strength training, and yoga, so I’m going out to attempt 2.5 miles again tomorrow. Here’s hoping it goes well …
  • It’s time for my third cup of decaf of the day. I miss caffeine so much.
  • Lastly:

I just really like this picture.

Happy weekend!