I had a few realizations on my run last night.

  •  It’s time to stop holding myself back when I run. I’ve been super conservative getting back into running, making sure I don’t go out too fast and do too much too soon. I’ve had almost three weeks of pain-free runs, and I’ve built back up to a distance of three miles. I realized when I was out last night that I don’t need to stick to such regimented run/walk intervals! I abandoned intervals altogether and ran based on how I felt. And as a result, I finished three miles in 32 minutes! There were a few walk breaks in there (during the tough hills) but I’m very pleased with my pace overall. Hopefully over the next few weeks the walk breaks will become less and less. I need my runs to be as efficient as possible these days!
  • It’s time to make peace with the unpredictability of my life right now. Will’s nap schedule (and the duration of said naps) are really inconsistent, and it’s something I struggle with a lot. It’s hard to not know whether I’m going to get a ten-minute break to eat a bowl of cereal — or if he’s going to sleep for three hours at a stretch. I know it’s not a big problem in the grand scheme of things, but I really do struggle with this inconsistency. (So another thing I need is some perspective. Heh.) I need to be okay knowing that any project I start, whether it’s a yoga practice or emptying the dishwasher, can be interrupted at any time. Easier said than done, but necessary to my sanity. Adjusting expectations!
  • It’s time to get serious about my core strength. I will not power up those hills very well without building some serious strength in my poor post-pregnancy midsection. Aaaargh.
  • It’s time to start thinking (eventually) about Will (eventually) sleeping in his own room at night (eventually). We’ve successfully started putting him to bed in his crib, which has done wonders for my sanity by giving us an hour or two every night in which Steve and I can do such novel things like washing the dishes or watching TV together. We move him into our room when we go to bed, which is extremely convenient for those late-night wakeups. Or rather, that late-night wakeup singular, as he generally only wakes up once at night now (!) and I think he would be absolutely fine sleeping in his crib. But I’m not ready!
  • It’s time to charge my ipod. I’ve been running without music for about two weeks now, and I need some more Britney in my life.
  • It’s also time to buy some new headbands. I lost mine somewhere out on the road!

Your daily Will:

I feel like he looks like such a BOY in this picture.

It’s the legwarmers I made him! As it turns out, they’re a bit short on his chubby legs. The next pair I make will have to be longer.