I’m not sure what happened to the baby I had last week, but he’s been replaced by a new version — one who naps for 2+ hours every morning! This is our fourth day in a row of this good fortune.

I wonder if his eyes are going to stay this blue.

I wish I could say I’ve been extra productive during these morning hours. I guess if you count lots of decaf and watching the Today show productive, then yes — I HAVE been extra productive! Ha.

Will’s longer naps have coincided with my newfound determination to not hold off on doing the things I want to do in fear that they’ll be interrupted. Case in point: yesterday I launched into a 45-minute hip opening yoga practice with full knowledge that Will had already been sleeping for 90 minutes and thus could wake up at any time. But I am really trying to be more relaxed about things and not get upset if I have to step away from yoga and come back to it later. (After all, once I start treadmill running I will have to do so with this same knowledge, so I do need to get used to it.) He did interrupt my practice a few times as he started waking up, but I got all the way through the flow. I’m seeing that as a bonus — the real victory is in my relaxed attitude toward being interrupted. Yes, my workout still counts even if I have to do it in pieces.

I’m feeling excited today — it’s one of Steve’s regular Fridays off and once he gets home from playing tennis, I’m off to a yoga class! I think this will be the first time I’ve left Will long enough to require a pumped bottle, and I am more than ready. I’m also going to stop by my old office for a visit. I’m hoping that being in a calm, zen place after my practice will help me to not feel the impulse to plant myself in my old office and never leave. (I’m still missing it a lot. Not sure this is going to change anytime soon.)

Weekend plans include another run tomorrow morning (hoping it will not be so hot — ugh), lunch out (another pumped bottle — can I handle two days in a row??), maybe some gardening, another visit to the pool, and hopefully the installation of said treadmill in our garage. And of course lots and lots of baby snuggles.

It’s a tough life.

Happy Friday!