… a treadmill makes!

Steve, my dad, and my brother-in-law Eddie spent some time yesterday afternoon setting up a treadmill in the garage. It’s a “baby” gift from my dad and I could not be more thrilled!

Meet my new BFF:

While running outside is definitely more fun, I have never really minded treadmill running, especially when I’m trying to work on my speed. I was so excited to test it out this morning — I was actually kind of nervous putting Will down for his morning nap, just hoping he would sleep long enough for me to get my run in. He’s taken a good morning nap every day for about the last week, but with babies these things can change at a moment’s notice. I just hoped today was not that day!

Fortunately not a sound was heard through the monitor the whole time I was running. I ran 3 miles with a few speed intervals in there — starting out at a 10:00 mile and increasing my speed to 9:14 for a few minutes at a time. I didn’t realize until I was almost done that I had accidentally set the treadmill to a 2% incline! Maybe that’s why it felt so challenging (probably not) … we’ll see tomorrow if there’s a difference when I take the incline down a bit.

My 24 hours of owning a treadmill have already made a world of difference. For some reason it makes me feel more relaxed — I think knowing I have the flexibility to get my run in whenever Will will allow, rather than during a very specific window of time right after Steve gets home from work, helps a lot. And one other thing I’ve noticed is that a morning workout really does set a positive tone for the day. It hasn’t been a very good day, nap-wise, which tends to wear on me, but my mood has been much better today than it would otherwise be under similar circumstances. Maybe it is a placebo effect (or maybe it’s just because my sister Karen came to visit me for a while) but I’m feeling more able to just adapt to Will’s erratic schedule today without it being too much of a struggle.

Being able to stay active and fit is a huge personal priority now that I’m a mom. It’s been hard for me to set my career aside for now, and oftentimes I feel like “new mom” is my entire identity, leaving everything about my pre-baby days behind. So it’s really important to me that I still maintain personal goals and ambitions apart from motherhood, and as silly as it seems, I feel like having a treadmill can play a part in allowing me to do that.

Even though this is my view:

it’s so much better than this one!