It’s so hot outside right now.

Now, I’m someone who is able to tolerate a fair amount of heat — I don’t mind temperatures up to about 90 degrees, in general, but it’s too hot outside even for me. The last several days have seen temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, making it almost impossible to spend any time outside unless it’s immediately beside the pool.

Thankfully, we have pool access — we took Will there Friday night and he tolerated it pretty well (probably because the water felt more like a bath). Whew! He’ll be ready for the beach in no time.

(Incidentally, does anyone have any advice on taking a baby to the beach? We are planning on getting a little beach tent but aren’t sure how else to make a 3-month-old comfortable and happy out there.)

He looks like such a tough baby here.

In case the heat wasn’t brutal enough on Friday night, we were also struck by that massive storm that came through the east coast. We didn’t get much rain, but there was insane wind and I was pretty anxious until it blew over. We even moved the pack n play away from the window because I was irrationally afraid that the window would blow off the house and take our baby away with it. But as it turns out, I wasn’t that irrational; there was a ton of damage around town and a lot of people were without power or lost trees on their property. And sadly, there were several people in our area who lost their lives in the storm.

So we were incredibly lucky in that there wasn’t any damage. We didn’t even lose power! I was so thankful to wake up Saturday morning with our house all in one piece! We headed out early to run, but it was really more of an obstacle course — I had to climb over fallen trees several times. Steve and Will couldn’t go more than half a mile on the trail before fallen debris blocked their way. Still, the heat and humidity were not too bad and I was glad for the opportunity to get out of the house for a little while. We tried to get coffee afterwards but were thwarted at two coffee shops with long lines — people without power needed their coffee too!

On Saturday afternoon while Will napped and Steve strung a tennis racket, I headed out to the pool with my sister and her family. It doesn’t feel nearly as strange to be apart from Will now as it used to, and I had a lot of fun for about an hour floating around in what felt like bath water. I was amazed to find that he was still sleeping when I got home so I guess Steve and I both got a nice break! I got another one later that evening when I got to do some super-exciting grocery shopping while Steve put Will to bed. It’s amazing how my definition of an awesome Saturday night has changed.

One thing Steve and I have started to prioritize lately is buying more organic foods. I’ve tried to limit processed foods in my own diet for a long time (though I’m more lax about that than I really should be), but recently the implications of conventionally-grown and processed foods have become a lot more serious to me, and reading In Defense of Food really helped me to understand a lot of things in a concrete way. One part of my happiness project is focused on my health, after all, and in the last year it’s become much more clear to me that we only get one body, and while I know all too well that cancer just doesn’t care who you are when it comes after you, I’d like to minimize my chances of developing any chronic diseases later in life. However, that can get expensive — so after spending a ton of money on groceries this last month, we’re heading into July with the challenge of trying to buy organic whole foods on a budget. Thankfully this has been done, so I have a good place to look for resources and support. Wish us luck!

There is more I want to talk about this week — on yoga, on upcoming anniversaries, on the practice of happiness, and on the fact that 2012 is now half over — but I will leave this here for now. And in the meantime, any advice on a) beach vacation with a baby, and b) grocery shopping on a budget? Budgeting has never been a great skill of mine.